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Guest BOOK

We'd love to know how many Appy women, families, and friends we are reaching. Also, let us know if you have suggestions or comments on the website.

Yahoo E-Mail Group

Many of us are connected by e-mail through a Yahoo Group—campappywomen. Click here to join us! You will need to sign up for a free Yahoo account if you do not already have one. Follow the instructions on the page to sign up or e-mail for help!

Camp Appy Mission Statement :

Compiled by Jennie Kavage 1948-64, ‘83-91, ‘94

Looking back as far as my resources go I really found little in the early years that would represent a mission statement though there did seem to be an assumption that learning skills and living together in the natural world with good influences would produce whatever was the “ideal American Girl” of the 40's and 50's... read more

From the "To Parents" Section of a Brochure:

Camp Appalachia was created to bring to girls an understanding of their own place in the natural community of which they are a part. Here, each camper shares with friends of varied ages and interests, the experience of a happy, adventurous life in a natural setting.... read more