Camp Appalachia Alumni
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From the "To Parents" Section of a Brochure:

Camp Appalachia was created to bring to girls an understanding of their own place in the natural community of which they are a part. Here, each camper shares with friends of varied ages and interests, the experience of a happy, adventurous life in a natural setting. In this stimulating environment she has opportunities to further develop self-reliance, initiative, creativity, and compatibility with others - abilities that will long outlast her camping days. Skilled and interested counselors help her to explore and choose activities, which will provide her with enjoyment and a sense of achievement. In her cabin, each girl grows in her appreciation of nature and develops an awareness of the unique qualities she finds in each of the other campers.

The spirit and traditions of Camp Appalachia have grown steadily, and many of the girls return year after year to spend yet another happy summer in this family atmosphere. The carefully selected groups come from many different areas, and living and learning together provides the ideal opportunity to develop valuable and enduring friendships. It is this characteristic, which gives Camp Appalachia its unique spirit; exemplified by its motto "Happiness adds and multiplies as we divide it with others".

Participation in all activities at Camp Appalachia is suggested and encouraged. Each girl, with the help of staff guidance, develops her own program individually tailored to her particular interests and desires. This enables her to set her own goals, work at her own pace, and still be involved with her cabin mates. Appalachia's interrelated goals are health, happiness, friendship, cooperation and skills in 15 varied activities.