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Alma Mater

By Carol Mae Smith
(Tune: "Wiffenpoof Song")

Down beside the Jackson River
In the shadows of the hills
Stands the camp that Appalachians love so well.
On a night when stars were shining
We all pledged that we'd be true
And upon us charter members privilege fell.

Many other years will follow
And new girls will come and go
And the lights of other campfires brightly shine.
But wherever we may go
We will e'er remember this
Green and gold of friendships warm became the sign.
Appalachia's girls will 'ere lead the way - green and gold;
Appalachia's campers will steadfast stay - green and gold.

Play the game for fun, not to win,
Through all cares, we'll keep that grin,
Striding onward through thick and thin
Green and Gold.


There's a place we all love
Where the stars shine above
A spot that's dear to every camper's heart.
Appalachia's the name and great is her fame
For friendship warm and hearts so true.
One may search the world o'er
But no camp could we love more
Than here where God has given us his blessing.
Each girl when she must go
Will now and ever know
That Appalachia is the camp for her!

Appalachia Forever

Oh, the Appalachia bunch is the truest and the best,
They keep things going and they never take a rest.
They have one yell and they yell it altogether,
And it goes like this, Appalachia forever.

Appalachia forever, her fame will never die.
Fight for her colors, we'll raise them to the sky.
Each loyal camper will pledge her heart and hand
For her united, we as campers stand.

I'm an Appalachian born, I'm an Appalachia bred,
And when I die, I'll be Appalachian dead.
So rah, rah for Appalachia,
Rah, rah for Appalachia,
Rah, rah for Appalachia,
Rah, rah, rah!

Appalachia, Here We Come

(Tune: "California, Here I Come")

Appalachia, here we come
Right back where we started from,
Where campers and counselors have lots of fun.
Each mornin' at dawnin' the bugle blows and we all know
That we're all tired from that midnight raid
But (cook's name)'s got those biscuits made,
So, open up that mess-hall gate,
Appalachia, here we come.

Appalachia John

(Tune: British Tar)

For the Appalachia John
Is a necessary thing.
What would we do without it!
It is always there
Oh! The things it has to bear
And don't you ever doubt it!

It is very far away
From the places where we play,
To get there we must hurry.
If you don't get there in time
You'll be forced to wait in line,
So remember always scurry!

It's painted green
With curtains white
It's very scary late at night.
Its lantern is a beacon true
And Hazel painted it especially for you.

Nursey and Helen have their own
But who in bilge wants to go alone!
The conversations heard down there
Are enough to curl the straightest hair.
And this should be your customary attitude.

Appalachia's My Love

(Tune: "Tammy")

I love a place where the stars shine above
Appalachia, Appalachia, Appalachia's my love.
The memories we've made, and the friendships we've won
Will stay in our hearts as long as we live.

Where the breeze is warm and the river cool
We all feel so free
To run, jump, dance and sing all for thee.
Thank you, dear Lord, for this place you've bestowed
Appalachia, Appalachia, we love you so.

Appalachia, Yours Forever

(Tune: "Cayuga's Waters - Cornell")

Appalachia, yours forever, loyal we will be
Counselors and all the campers, One big family.
Rezzie, Bish, Susie, Lycee, Dorrie, Sue and Dot,
Bird, Florelle and Janet, too, all will e'er be true.

Old Man Jack, the courts and stables known to new and old,
Standing in the mountain breezes, waving green and gold.
Elly, Bertie, Milli, Trish, Becky, Nancy and Sue,
Appalachia's Girls we honor and will e'er be true.

Sally, Genie, Donna, Sara, Lora, Timmy, Kay, Ann, Helene,
Help us as we go.
Their ideals all meet the standards of the camp we know.
Annette, Susie, PJ, Martha, Melissa, Courtenay, Rachel and Anne, too,
They reflect the camp we love in the things they do.


(Tune: "Wendy")

I love a camp that's up in the mountains,
Watching the Jackson drifting below
Where all the stars shine brightly at midnight
Everyone knows it's Appy.

And Appy is always there
It's spirit is there to share
With treasures for you and me
We've found the key
It's there for you; It's there for me.

Learning new skills while working together,
Building our friendships steadfast and true.
Year after year, I'll always remember
Appy's my home forever.

Repeat Chorus

Are You Listening?

By Liza Pond

Are you listening, Appy's calling you from a day gone by.
You are part of all her yesterday's, hold your head up high.
Building her tomorrows on the spirit of her past,
Are you listening, Appy's calling you,
Answer, and her spirit will last.

Since these two short months have flown,
We want you to know, that by your very being here
You've helped Appy grow.
Are you listening, Appy's calling you,
Answer and her spirit will last.
Though through the long cold winter months, we must be apart,
It's Appalachia that we love and hold within our hearts.
Are you listening, Appy's calling you,
Answer, and her spirit will last.

Campers' Song

(Original tune by Carol Carson)

We are the campers, We're always winning,
You can't defeat us with our pep and vim.

Counselors may put up a fight,
But we'll push them way out of sight.

And when the Revenuers let out a cheer,
We will stop them, never fear.

Hatfields and McCoys will get you, If you don't watch out.
Give with a loyal campers shout!


(Tune: "Make Believe")

When the night casts down its moonbeams
And the summer skies twinkle with stars,
Far below shadows blend, peace descending.
Campfires grow, embers glow, burning low,
As the Jackson ripples onward
Carelessly toward waters unknown.
So will we endlessly follow thee
In our memories to be . . .

Candlelight Campfire Song

(Tune: "My Wild Irish Rose")

When Candlelight Campfire comes
And our candles float away,
Each heart is filled with memories and thrills
Of our friends of work and play.

Our visions, warm and true,
Are fulfilled, Appalachia, by you,
And while we're apart, we'll hold in our hearts
The dreams of the camp that we love.

Come Touch A Spark

Come touch a spark to the white birch bark,
Come gather round our campfire - O.
The twigs shall snap and the flames leap free
And the sparks rise higher and higher - O.
'Til the spicy smell of the wood smoke dies,
'Til the last red ember is dropping slow,
Come, Appalachia, gather round
And dream by the embers' ruddy glow.

Day Is Fading

(Tune: "Gypsy Song")

Day is fading, shadows descending,
Dim forms round our campfire stand.
Starlight and firelight, weird magic lending,
Shed their beams o'er Appalachia's camp.

Then the joyful strain of an old refrain
Breaks the silence deep.
'Tis a plaintive air with a cadence rare
And a rhythmic sweep.

Campers, while we sing, let's be thankful
For the wonders we've found here.
Sing while our hearts are joyous and thankful,
Night's dark charm endeth all too soon, all too soon, all too soon.

Down Yonder Green Valley

Down yonder green valley where streamlets meander,
Where twilight is fading I pensively roam.
Or at the bright noontide in solitude wander,
Amid the dark shades of the lonely ash grove.
'Tis there where the blackbird is cheerfully singing,
Each warbler enchants with its notes from a tree.
Oh, then little think I of sorrow or sadness
The ash grove entrancing spells beauty for me.

Father Time

Father Time is a crafty man
And he's set in his ways.
And we know that we never can
Make him give back past days.

So, campers, while we are here,
Let's be friends firm and true.
We'll have a gay time,
A jolly play time
For we all love to be with you.


(Tune: "I Hear a Rhapsody")

As I searched day to day for God's holy light,
I saw a shining ray promising strength and might.
The whispering melodies called softly to me,
Echoing enchanted keys sang Appalachia.

Then I knew the joy of love;
Friends that were sent from above,
And when we say goodbye to friends and good times
We'll not let our friendship die,
Our Appalachia.


Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess;
I thank the Lord that I've been blessed with more than my share of happiness.

To me this world's a wonderful place, I'm the luckiest human in the human race;
I've got no silver, I've got no gold; but I've got happiness in my soul.

Happiness to me is an oceantide, a sunset fading on a mountainside;
A big old heaven, full of stars above, when I'm in the arms of the one I love.

Happiness to me is a field of grain lifting its face to the falling rain,
A seed in the sunshine; a bird in the air, happiness, happiness everywhere!

Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess;
I thank the Lord that I've been blessed with more than my share of happiness.

Happy Song

When the sky seems low, when the earth looks gray,
When your heart is sad and you can't see the way,
When the brook doesn't bubble, when the crickets don't sing,
Why let it be winter, when it can be spring.

Come go and climb a tree, to the top of the world we'll go.
The sky will be bright, the wind will be free; you'll feel free also,
You'll feel free also.
Up in the middle of speckledy green, every city and village can be seen
With humanity rushing here and there, with never a thought, with never a care.
When the leaves start falling late in the year,
When the sun grows cold, there's nothing to fear.
The sky will stay in your heart if you care,
The sun will shine though the earth may be bare.

Repeat Chorus

Hatfields' Song

(Tune: "Yale Team Song")

March, march on down the field,
Fighting for Hatfields,
Break through that McCoy line
Their strength to defy.

We'll give a long cheer for Hatfield men,
We're here to win again.
McCoy boys can fight to the end,
But Hatfields will win!

I'm In Love With Appalachia

I'm in love with Appalachia and I'll tell it everywhere.
Morning, noon and night, It is my delight
Just to say "Appy's all right."
Folks may think me boastful. Very little do I care.
For I'm in love with Appalachia
And I'll tell it everywhere.

In the Mountains

In the mountains of Virginia lies a camp we know.
There we have such good times, we're always on the go.
Boom, boom, boom,
Boom, boom, boom, boom.

Far and wide we'll sound our praises, chorus full and free.
Hail to Appalachia, hail, oh hail to thee.

Well, we love the Jackson River flowing cool and clear,
Stables, courts and Old Man Jack, all are very dear.
Boom, Boom, Boom,
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom.


Just Like a Gypsy

Just like a gypsy I follow the winding trail,
Finding its winding leads over hill and dale.
Just like the flowers the hours pass by,
Sun-filled, fun-filled, with joy each passing one filled.

Moonlight and starlight and flames of the campfire glow,
Swift flowing waters, wide open roads I know.
Where daytime is playtime and duties are few,
Gypsy hearts will yearn, gypsy hearts return,
Appalachia to you.

Lonely Moon

Look at the lonely moon and smile
Letting the firelight gleam awhile
'Til embers fade into the night
And stars above lend wavering light.

Laugh with the voices on the river;
Take all - Appalachia's the giver.
'Til hearts released and voices free
Are part of the wind's soft melody.


(Tune: "The Bells of St. Mary's")

The campfire is dying, the embers are fading,
Through leaves wind is sighing
'Tis now end of day.
Our memories of campfire shall linger forever,
So, Appalachia, in our hearts
You'll always stay.

McCoys' Song

(Tune: "Spirit of VMI")

McCoys have the spirit; McCoys have the vim,
McCoys have the push and drive that it takes to win,
McCoys have the teamwork that counts in a game,
McCoys have the will that will triumph again.

The Hatfields may try hard,
The Hatfields may work
But you'll see in the long run
McCoys never shirk
They'll still keep on trying,
They'll hold fast their grin
And you'll find the McCoys will win!

Mountain Greenery

Here amidst the scenery of our mountain greenery
We have such good times together.
A-bum, bum, bum, bum.
Counselors and the campers all can be certain to recall
All these things that linger forever.

The Sunday campfires, the Taffy Shop treats,
The rain overnights, the weekly meets.
Songs that fill the dining hall, swimming, hikes and volleyball,
Appalachia's fun for us all.
The Douthat bus rides, the puddled paths,
The final banquet with tears and laughs.

When we bid adieu to you, please don't think we're through with you.
All these things remain in our hearts.

On My Cabin Wall

(Tune: "I am Monarch of the Sea" from "H.M.S. Pinafore")

Every night on my cabin wall
Species of genus spider crawl
And they all seem to pick me
When they choose their haunts
And so do their sisters
And their cousins and their aunts;
And so do their sisters
And their cousins and their aunts,
Their sisters and their cousins
That they reckon by the dozens
And their aunts!


Peace I ask of thee, oh river,
Peace, peace, peace.
When I learn to live serenely cares will cease.
From the hills I gather courage, visions of the days to be,
Strength to lead and faith to follow, all are given unto me.
Peace I ask of thee, oh river,
Peace, peace, peace.

Purple Mist

The purple mist of evening stealing
Sets us to reverie and to dreams.
We think of our good times together
Life is so very full it seems. Oh, campers,
Soon we know we will be parting,
Our roads will wend and wind away.
We'll hold the vision we are seeking
And our friendships of today.

Revenuers' Song

(Tune: "Hillbilly")

Oh, the Revenuers are here, we will chase you all the year;
We are out to get the Hatfields and McCoys.
We will hide behind each tree so that we can always see
When a Hatfield takes a pot shot at a 'Coy!
We'll be runnin' and a shootin' and our whistles will be tootin'
When the feudin' gets a little bit too hot!
If you're plannin' on a livin'
Then this warnin' I'm a givin'
If it's breaking laws you're doin' - you better not!

Summer Days

(Tune: "Mighty Like a Rose")

When summer days are flying, the call from stream and hill
Summons eager campers out to try their skill.
Then up and down the river, stroke with all your might,
Appalachia's out today with hearts and spirits light.

Long strokes together, dip, and pull, and lift.
Blades on the feather, a course that's sure and swift.
Put the miles behind us, cares will slip away,
Let the morrow find us, glad for work or play.

Long strokes together, dip, and pull, and lift.
Blades on the feather, a course that's sure and swift.

Visions of Appy

(Tune: "Green Leaves of Summer")

The breeze on the river, the sky just at sunset,
The glow of the campfire on cold Sunday nights;
These are the visions we'll cherish for as long as we live,
And to you, Appalachia, our loyalty give.

The wonders you've shown us, of friendship and teamwork,
In our hearts and our memories will always remain.
It's so good to be young here, to have fun and to play,
And to thank God for Appy at the close of the day.

Wanna Wake Up

I wanna wake up in the morning where the Jackson River flows,
Where the sun comes peeping into where I'm sleeping
And the song birds say hello!
I wanna paddle up the river just a hundred miles or so
And come drifting back to Appalachia,
For it's the finest camp I know.

Way Down in Ol' Virginie

Way down in ol' Virginie where the mountains are low,
There stand a camp for girls where the good times ain't slow.
The girls of this camp have really got some class,
They've got what it takes to be an Appalachia lass.
Oh, rootie, tootie, tootie, tootie,
rootie, tootie, toot. (Repeat line)
Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap-clap
clap (repeat claps) Skees!

Went to Camp Your Daughter Goes

When to camp your daughter goes, daughter goes,
Look her straight in the eye, in the eye,
And say, "My girl, the only camp that you must know
Is Appalachia 'til you die, 'til you die.
For Appalachia, Appalachia, nothing else is greater,
The same old camp your mother knew in days of yore.
Adieu, adieu, my girl, adieu, yes, adieu,
And now it's plainly up to you, up to you,
To learn the ropes so well that you my girl and I
Will be Appalachians, 'til we die, 'til we die."


If there were witchcraft, I'd make two wishes-
A winding road that beckons me to roam;
And then I'd wish for a blazing campfire
To welcome me when I'm returning home.

But in this real world, there is no witchcraft,
And golden wishes do not grow on trees.
Our fondest day dreams must be the magic
To bring us back those golden memories.

Memories that linger, constant and true,
Memories we'll cherish, Appalachia, of you.

You Gotta Be a, Be a....

You gotta be a, be a, be a Appalachia Girl
To amount to anything.
You gotta know a, know a, know a awful lot,
About a little bit of everything.
You gotta know how to swim, ride and dance,
So that anyone can tell at just a glance,
That you're happy when you walk,
You're happy when you talk,
You're an Appalachia gal!